Tom Pool

“I was born in Graz, Austria. As a child, I went on trips to Italy with my father, listening to albums. He would play a game with my sister and me to guess what songs were playing. At home, we had over 3,000 vinyl records: Michael Jackson (my great idol), The Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, Bob Marley… I learned to mix at seventeen (hip hop and R&B with rock) because I played three times a week in a discotheque where the legal age to enter was twenty-one. Eventually, I discovered house and incorporated it into my sets. I only used to come to Ibiza on holiday until I decided to stay. I’ve been in Nassau for thirteen years, and I have continued to perfect my style here. I like long sets because I can delve into all types of house: Afro, deep, melodic… The key is to play the best song at the best time. My talent is in knowing how to select to differentiate myself from other DJs.”