Philippe Ingremeau and Damian Martinez: the two minds behind the stoves of Nassau Group.

An extra spoon full of good atmosphere and no restrictions in pouring plenty of passion into the preparation of each dish. These are the directions followed by Philippe Ingremeau and Damian Martinez, the executive chefs who have been working for the Nassau Group for more than ten years and have developed a menu rooted in the healthy freshness of Mediterranean cuisine and embellished with influences from other parts of the world.

Philippe and Damian are almost twenty years apart. Despite being from different generations, they share a common culinary outlook. Both agree that the chef’s responsibility goes beyond the universe of flavors and they have formed a team that shares the desire to evolve, keeping up to date with the latest gastronomic novelties to include them in the Nassau Group’s pantry.

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“Nothing is done at random, we always look for a reason to be and a story that tells what you are living and drinking: that’s how we create a concept and a personality that stands out from the rest.”

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“Cocktail making is an art and the bartender is the artist”

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