“My real name is Anie, and I was born in Germany, between Dresden and Nuremberg. As a child, I imitated Michael Jackson at birthday parties and appeared in a children’s lip-sync competition. Each Saturday, I recorded the radio’s biggest hits show on cassette. Back then, there was something fantastic about going to a record shop with friends in search of a hit. I loved the Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child. Even though I was underage, I started attending clubs very early. That helped me a lot to start my music career (having 10,000 people dancing in front of you is a massive buzz), but first, I worked as a lawyer. Robin Schulz’s manager discovered my girlfriend and me, and our life changed. Now we travel a lot: Brazil, Dubai, Italy, Norway… I love Ibiza as a place to live; I adore its climate and gastronomy. For the last two years, I’ve been working with Nassau: there, I can play the kind of house music I like and, surrounded by a great team, I’m finally learning to speak Spanish. The Balearic sound has always influenced me.”