Cancellation policy

All our reservations are subject to an associated cancellation policy.

Once the reservation is made through the web, phone or email, you will receive an email/ whatsapp confirming the validity of the reservation with all the corresponding information.

If you wish to change the reservation date or the number of diners, your request will be honored as long as it is made at least 24 hours prior to your reservation, and if there are places available. You can carry out the procedure by calling the restaurant’s telephone number or via email.

We remind you that NO CHARGE will be made to your credit or debit card at the moment of making your reservation.

In case the guests do not show up, do not give any notice 24 hours prior to their reservation, do not cancel at least 24 hours before the reserved time or are late after the courtesy period of 15 minutes without prior notice, we will proceed to charge 50€ per person.

Therefore, at the time of booking, and in order to guarantee your reservation, a credit card will be requested.

You may cancel your reservation without penalty up to 24 hours prior to the date and time of your reservation. To do so, please contact us at or (+34) 971 396 714.

We are waiting for you.